Don't mate in front of this gate!

Sep 21, 2011, 08:11 IST | Kranti Vibhute

Residents of Santacruz society are fed up with pigs from an adjacent piggery, which they claim is illegal, constantly copulating in front of their building; have complained to police after owner threatened them

Cops will be tackling a new breed of public obscenity soon -- the perpetrators of such 'offensive' behaviour are not, as you would expect, hormonal teenagers, but mating swine. Yes, you heard that right. Residents of the Navyug society have appealed to the BMC to dismantle an illegal pen in their neighborhood, and confiscate all the pigs, who engage in 'embarrassing' and 'offensive' mating in front or their society gate, and leave behind piles of smelly droppings in their wake.

Piggyride: Pigs frolic in front of the gate of a housing society in Kalina,

The residents of the residential complex in Santacruz have also filed a non-cognisable complaint with the Vakola police against local piggery owner Vishwanath Nair, his sister Janki Pillai and son Gopalkumar Pillai. They claim that the latter allegedly threatened to kidnap their children, after their complaint to the BMC resulted in officials from the civic body confiscating some of their livestock. The residents had complained to the BMC that the piggery and the cowshed were illegal structures, for which the owners had not acquired permits.   

In their complaint, the residents complained that the presence of the illegal pens have been inconveniencing them for the last eight years. The pigs would frequently mate in front of their gate, causing them much embarrassment. 

After they lodged a complaint with the BMC H (East) ward recently, some of the officials allegedly came and confiscated some of the livestock. Outraged, Nair threatened to kidnap some of the kids who live in the compound. Residents joined forces on September 13 decided to file a non-cognisable police complaint.

Deepali Basrur, resident of Navyug, said, "It is so embarrassing for us to even venture out of the society, because almost always there are pigs mating away in front of it. It is offensive and distasteful. Our kids cannot play in the society either, because they are afraid of the many goats, pigs and dogs grazing in front of our society." 

 Radhika Mestry, another member of the society, said, "We decided to file a police complaint when the owner of the piggery and the cowshed threatened that he would kidnap our kids. He was angry because some BMC officials had confiscated some of the pigs after we complained to them about the nuisance. The owner often uses abusive words and creates a public nuisance. The stench left behind by the grazing animals is intolerable."
 Priya Bandekar, secretary of the Navyug society, said, "Nair and his sister keep buffalos and goats cooped up inside the house, without the necessary light or ventilation. How can they call it a cowshed? A BMC official from the H (East) ward has informed us in writing that the owner is not authorised to keep livestock in his residence, and does not have a licence."

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