Don't succumb to bullying, says former FICA chief Tim May

“The other nine countries who sit on the executive committee have to take responsibility because after all they can say, ‘No, we’re not going to put up with this nonsense any more.

Tim May
Tim May

We’re not going to continue to give into threats and intimidation and feed the power of the schoolyard bully’,” May said in an interview to The Independent newspaper in England.

Commercial side
The former Australia spinner indicated that other countries are putting the commercial side of the game before principles. He exclaimed: “What has happened to our principles? Everything isn’t about making more money. You don’t want to prostitute yourself just to make more money. But when your commercial interest suffocates your principles and the pillars you built your sport on, you’re in trouble.”

The newspaper prefaced that quote with these words: “In his brighter moments, May thinks that the IPL drama may provoke administrative change which will in turn lead to a different kind of Indian leadership. But then he has waited for years and seen only decline.” 

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