London: Jessica Alba says she does not care who plays her character of Sue Storm in the next installment of 'Fantastic Four'.

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba. Pic/Santa Banta

Jessica Alba, 32, played the role of the invisible woman in last two films but will not be seen in the upcoming reboot. She has been replaced by Kate Mara, reported Contactmusic.

"I don't have any sort of real attachment to anything like that.I'm like, the more the better, I don't really have any idea. It's not like I created the comic book. I think Stan Lee (the co-creator of 'Fantastic Four') should have a say in who plays Sue," said Jessica Alba.

"I don't read entertainment news so I'm not aware of it, but I love that comic book and it's such a great story about family and staying together," she said. 'Fantastic Four' is scheduled for release in June.