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Dec 16, 2011, 06:57 IST | Surekha S
Silent Noise parties, which are all the rage in Goa, are being brought to Mumbai for the first time on a large scale, by international DJs Justin Mason and Dan Booth. Put on your headphones and dance to their tunes

You enter a club, put on your headphones and choose the music you want to dance to, knowing that the person next to you could be dancing to something completely different.

Silent Noise party at Palolem beach in South Goa

Welcome to the silent noise parties, which not only cut down on noise pollution but also give you the freedom to choose the music you want to groove to. After gaining popularity in Goa, the first such party in Mumbai is going to be held today at Mehboob Studios as part of the I Choose Smirnoff Music Nights.

In India, the initial Silent Noise parties were hosted by DJs Justin Mason and Dan Booth in Goa back in 2007. Owing to the novelty of the concept and its advantages, the parties soon became a rage. The DJs hoped that its popularity would extend to other cities as well.
"It cuts down on noise pollution and does not disturb others. More importantly, it gives people the freedom to choose the song they want to dance to," explains DJ Justin.

DJ Justin Mason

In Goa, these DJs host the Silent Noise parties every week between November and May. They have amplified live music till 10.30 pm, post which the party scene completely changes.
People are given headsets and each set has three channels. There are three DJs who dish out different kinds of music and you can change the channel as you please. "It's like being in three parties at the same time. You can choose which type of DJ and which type of music you want to listen to.
Many a time you will be dancing with a person, who is moving to a completely different rhythm," says DJ Justin adding, "It's a lot of fun to watch especially when you are not listening to any music. Even today, after five years, I break into a laugh when I take off my headsets and watch a large crowd dancing without any music."

DJ Dan Booth

In 2007, when the first party was organised DJ Justin was skeptical about the response. Having witnessed such parties back home in the UK, he was not sure how the Indian party-goers would react to it.

"But the response was amazing. The atmosphere was electric," he says. "It's the craziest thing. Over a 1,000 people dancing to different music in the same room. It's eerie but wonderful," he concludes.

ON Today, 8.30 pm At Mehboob Studio, Bandra. CALL 9987628855

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