Dosas, antiques and architecture

Mar 12, 2014, 10:25 IST | Hassan M Kamal

The Travel Logs are back with their monthly walks, and this time they take you through the gullies of Matunga and Chor Bazaar in South Mumbai introducing you to the amazing aspects of these two corners of the city.

An antique shop in Chor Bazaar.  Pic/Atul Kamble

Both walks take place on the same day — March 13. The Matunga walk offers an interesting insight into how different communities influence each other’s food habits and culture. From steaming cups of aromatic filter coffee, myriad idlis including a Czech version, hot vadas, to global cuisine dosas and tongue-tickling golas, this walk will surely add a new dimension to your idea of Mumbai.

The second walk takes you to Chor Bazaar and its adjacent areas, offering a peek into the buzz at the city’s biggest market for used items. You can explore the antique shops and also visit diverse architectural marvels like Mumbai’s oldest Jain Temple and Raudat Tahera, which has the full Quran carved inside its premises. So, take the walk and discover a new side to Mumbai.

For Matunga Walk
On: March 13, 10 am 
At: Cafe Mysore, Durlabh Niwas, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga (E).

For Chor Bazar Walk 
On: March 13, 10.30 am 
At: Cafe Almas, near JJ Hospital, ER Road, Umerkhadi.
Call: 9867350005

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