Have you ever had that Kafka-esque feeling of being hopelessly lost in a city where no one speaks your language? In times of the broken babble of the Italian ‘ci’ and Tamil ‘po’, the next best thing can be a sign.

Now, if only you were as proficient as Helen Keller. In dire situations like these, it is only the icons such as of Stop and Walk that become your guide to the unsaid. Goa-based Beard Design, had kick-started one of the most exciting events for designers called Iconomic Meltdown on June 1 in their hometown itself.

We can’t help but think that it could only be the woozy sea breeze of Goa beaches that can enlighten one to think of impressing the country’s signboards with ‘Indian’ icons (they have an outline of Lakshmi as the Indian economy’s symbol).

While our imaginations run busy with the demon with his tongue out as an evil eye bedecking our street names, the website shares that this weekend, 60 zealous designers will be producing 500 zany icons that will end up as downloadable beauties on iconomy.com for free.

Abhishek Sarda, founder, Beard Design, (left and top)icons created by the company

From food, people, culture, mythology and animals, the repertoire for the designers is immense to draw inspiration from.

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