'Dozakh: In Search Of Heaven' - Movie review

'Dozakh: In Search Of Heaven'
U; Drama
Director: Zaigham Imam
Cast: Lalit Mohan Tiwari, Garrick Chaudhary, Nazim Khan and Ruby Saini

This must have evidently made for a wonderful, timely and sensitive story as a novel by the same name. But unfortunately when it was translated on screen, it ended up being a meddled up affair, thus kind of diluting the whole impact of the story.

A Muslim cleric (Lalit Mohan Tiwari), fondly called Chacha, is a worried man as his 12 year-old-son Janu (Garrick Chaudhary) has gone missing. When he goes around looking for the lost son, he remembers Janu’s stubborn fondness for Hindu mythology and Hinduism, much to his embarrassment and discomfort. In spite of repeated protests from the cleric, Janu wouldn’t listen and continued following Hindu teachings and Hindu funeral rites. Janu’s mother tries playing the peacemaker between the two till she passes away in an accident.

While writer-director Zaigham Imam’s intention is right in place, he falters big time in several aspects of movie making, thus emphasising on the fact that a visual medium needs a far steadier hand and a confident approach in execution. Some parts of the first half moves at an excruciatingly slow pace. Add to it poor editing, loud, unrelenting background music and jerky camera movements and you are served a below average movie experience. The second half, however, picks up pace, but the other drawbacks remain.

The performances are decent, the story is fantastic and the climax is moving, all but spoilt by an amateurish execution.

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