'I want to break up so I can be with her best friend'

Sep 07, 2017, 07:05 IST | Dr Love

I have a girlfriend but am actually in love with her best friend. How do I tell her this and, more importantly, convince her friend that I am genuinely attracted to her? I don't know how either of them will react and I'm afraid they will both end up hating me.
If I understand you correctly, what you are considering is breaking someone's heart in the hope that her best friend will be convinced that you are doing it for her. Good luck with that.

How do I convince my girlfriend to be more open in bed? She insists only upon the missionary position and is extremely reluctant to even consider foreplay. This is a problem because I enjoy sex a lot and think she would like to get more pleasure out of it than she does, if she would only allow herself to let go a little. She doesn't even want to have a discussion about it though, because she doesn't think it's important enough. How do I get her to change this aspect of her personality? I have no complaints about who she is as a person, but I wish she would also acknowledge the fact that sex is extremely important for a relationship to grow.
It is important, but not less important than how comfortable she is with her body. If she changes her approach to sex, it has to happen on her own terms, simply because that is her prerogative. If she doesn't enjoy it, ask her what she would like you to do to make it more enjoyable for her. Beyond that, it is up to her to change, provided she wants to. Also, sex evolves as your relationship does, so I suggest you focus on building a stronger emotional bond with her in order to arrive at a place where your physical relationship also undergoes a few changes. This can't be forced, so all you can do is give it time and be patient with her.

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