My boyfriend doesn't like the display picture I use as my WhatsApp profile and we argue about this a lot. How can I make him understand that it's my profile and my decision?

He sounds like a spoiled child. If he doesn't respect your decision, block him until he grows up and learns to accept it.

My girlfriend is very sweet, but wants to talk to me all day. She doesn't even let me do stuff I need to. When I go ahead, she gets angry with me. What should I do? - Subham K

How old is your girlfriend anyway, and why isn't she occupying herself with more important things? If you're busy and she doesn't get it, you can simply disconnect your phone for a while. Going by the quality of services offered to Indian customers, it's a wonder she manages to chat with you all day anyway. Blame poor connectivity and hang up.

I wanted to go on a holiday with my friends, but my girlfriend made me cancel the plan because she insisted on coming along. I told her she was being unreasonable, but she says it's weird for me to not want to travel with her. This isn't true at all because we do go out together very often, so I don't get why she says this. What can I do to make her understand that she's being childish?

You're right about it sounding childish, but it sounds as if there's something else on her mind. I suggest you avoid arguing with her about this, and try figuring out what the real issue is. Does she have a problem with your friends? Does she believe you don't communicate with her when you are with them? There may be more than meets the eye to this, so don't assume she's behaving like this simply to annoy you. Calm down and try having a rational conversation about why she said what she did and insisted on you cancelling your trip.