'My friends annoy me on WhatsApp group chats'

Sep 04, 2017, 07:11 IST | Dr Love

I am part of a WhatsApp group where a few friends constantly tease me with a girl who is also part of the group. This makes me extremely uncomfortable. It is also affecting my relationship with the girl, who is a friend. How do I get them to stop?
Ask them nicely or simply uninstall the app. You will surprise yourself by continuing to survive even without it, like a few billion people do.

I have no problem with my boyfriend, who is a perfect gentleman and has always been extremely caring and kind over the two years we have been dating. I have a problem with his younger brother though, who insists on hitting on me whenever I visit their house. I have pointed this out to my boyfriend, but he just laughs it off, saying his brother is only joking and means no harm. I think his brother is in love with me, which complicates things because I don't want him to resent me for the rest of my life for choosing his brother over him, which I have. What if we take this relationship to the next level? How will he react then? Will he accept me as part of the family? How can I sort this out?
He does sound strange, considering you are dating his brother, but you're probably over-thinking the part about how he will react to you becoming a part of his family. You haven't reached that stage yet, and chances are he will simply accept the fact that you are married to his brother when and if that happens. For now, as long as you avoid him or send him a clear message that you are interested in his brother alone, you should be okay. If he continues with his behaviour, your boyfriend really should intervene and put a stop to this. If he doesn't, and isn't taking this seriously enough, he needs to know how it is affecting you and your ability to have a cordial relationship
with his family.

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