'My husband behaves terribly with the house help'

Aug 24, 2017, 07:13 IST | Dr Love

There are a number of things wrong with how my husband behaves, but I'm not sure how to talk about them. For instance, he is always very rude to the household staff, for no reason. He treats them like slaves, compared to everyone else, including my in-laws, who always speak politely and are never rude to anyone. He acts like a pompous ass in front of his friends, and everyone can see it except him. He doesn't like criticism, can't stand the idea of anyone correcting him if he is wrong about something, and finds fault in what everyone does except himself. I'm tired of this daily exercise where I have to force myself to be tolerant simply because I am married to him. I have tried speaking to him about it a couple of times, but he doesn't even take me seriously. How do I get him to stop this?
Are you the only one who has a problem with how he behaves? Have you shared your views with family and friends? If his behaviour is genuinely obnoxious and it makes him seem like a nasty person, you really should hold a mirror up to him and get him to understand that he is not doing himself any favours. You can't change his essential nature, of course, nor should you try to, but as someone married to him, you should try and help him change things about himself that others may find offensive. If he can't handle criticism, he won't be easier to deal with as he gets older, so start now.

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Are you speaking about yourself or your partner? It really is your business alone, and between the two people involved, provided the two of you are in agreement about this. If your partner isn't okay with this, I'm afraid it's referred to as cheating in most parts of the world.

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