My girlfriend is serious about us sharing passwords

Jun 17, 2017, 07:31 IST | Dr. Love

Is it important for people in a relationship to exchange e-mail passwords as a sign of trust? I'm not happy about this, but my girlfriend takes it seriously and it's affecting our relationship. I don't want to give her my passwords.
Where is she getting these ideas from? You are both entitled to your personal space and, for better or worse, our
e-mail accounts now account for a large part of what that means. If you're not comfortable about giving her your passwords, don't do it. She needs to understand that not sharing them has nothing to do with your feelings for her. Ask her to think about how she would feel about sharing something she didn't want to.

I stumbled upon my boyfriend having coffee with a colleague when I went to surprise him at his office a few weeks ago. He looked incredibly guilty, even though I didn't think there was anything wrong. His reaction has made me suspicious of him though, which is strange because he has never given me any reason to doubt him in the past. After that incident, he gets a little uncomfortable whenever I ask him about that colleague, and I keep doing it only because I'm curious about why she makes him feel that way. Am I reading too much into this? Should I just come right out and ask him about her? It's driving me mad.
If your boyfriend has not given you any reason to suspect him, you're probably doing him a disservice by assuming the worst, instead of giving him a chance to explain. If he's uncomfortable about this colleague, there could be any number of reasons for it, least of all the possibility of him having an affair with her. So, yes, I suggest you come right out and ask him about it before this becomes increasingly difficult for you both to deal with. Don't let something minor blow out of proportion. If it needs to be addressed, do it.

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