'Will a new hairstyle make me more desirable?'

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My friends say I should change the way I comb my hair because it will make me more attractive to women. What should I do?
Put up photographs on Facebook or run a poll on Twitter. I can't help.

I am getting married to a girl who my parents have chosen but, before this, I was engaged to my girlfriend. We dated for 9 years, since childhood, in a sense. She suddenly refused to marry me though, giving me a few reasons for that decision. Now, as I am about to get married to the girl of my parents' choice, my ex-girlfriend has emailed to say that her decision was wrong. She wants me to go ahead with my marriage though. I'm confused. Does she want to come back into my life or is it just something I feel?

— AR
I suppose it's perfectly natural for your ex-girlfriend to have second thoughts about you, considering the long period of time you both spent together and, more importantly, the fact that you are now about to slip forever out of her reach. There's no way of figuring out whether she wants to get back into your life though, because if she wanted to, the easiest way for her to do that would be to come right out and say it, as she would have nothing to lose and only one last chance to get that message across. The fact that she hasn't said this explicitly though, makes me assume this is just regret on her part, and possibly nostalgia, which is why she still wants you to go ahead and marry the girl your parents have chosen. If you have doubts, I suggest you speak to her in person and come right out with your questions. Don't get married if you aren't sure, because it isn't really fair to your partner, is it? Also, ask yourself if you are being swayed by your past rather than any genuine feelings you have towards your former girlfriend.

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