'I'm tired of my girlfriend pulling the strings'

Feb 13, 2017, 06:00 IST | Dr Love

I want to be a better boyfriend, but nothing I do seems to make my girlfriend happy. I watch the movies she wants to watch even if I hate them, eat at restaurants she likes even if I don't want to, and even wear T-shirts she buys me as gifts despite hating the colour. And yet, she accuses me if not being sensitive to her needs. I think she's just demanding because she's used to having her way and she throws tantrums when people, including her friends, refuse to do what she feels like. Her friends fall in just to avoid creating a scene and I have begun doing this too. It's wrong though and I wish there was some way of getting her to see that.

I suppose speaking to her about this hasn't helped, because her friends must have tried that already. Give it a shot though, if only to sensitise her about the fact that you have a point of view too. If that doesn't work, maybe you should just put your foot down and ask her to take your views into consideration too. A relationship is about two people trying to understand each other, not about one person taking charge and forcing the other person to tag along. If you continue in this manner, you will only start to resent her, which isn't a good sign and doesn't say much about your relationship getting stronger in the long run. Your girlfriend just sounds like a spoiled brat, to be honest. And it's time someone told her that. Do it for all of mankind.

Should I go and visit my boyfriend's parents even if I'm not comfortable? He thinks I should, but I would rather wait for a while and get to know him better to avoid any awkward situations later.
If you're not comfortable doing something, you shouldn't. And if he respects you and your decisions, he will understand. Meeting them when you're comfortable will be good for him too.

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