'I'm a couch potato and she's a party hound'

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One of the things I like doing most on weekends is staying home and watching TV. I do this because weekdays are busy and I never get a chance to relax. My girlfriend is the exact opposite though. She insists on going out every weekend, because she says she doesn't get a chance to do this on weekdays. It exhausts me, but she insists, which I think is unfair. How do I get her to see my point of view?

Despite your question, I think it's safe to assume you're an adult, as is your girlfriend. Relationships are about adjustments. So talk to her, tell her how you feel, and come up with a plan that lets you both do what you like doing on alternate weekends. This isn't really something that warrants an intervention or therapy. It's just basic conversation. You should both try it sometime.

I was married to someone for two years, after which we decided to separate because the relationship wasn't going anywhere. I have been dating someone else for a few months now, but the man I am still married to wants me to return to him and try again. The thing is, I don't have any feelings for him anymore and can't stand the idea of going through the misery of being married again. My current boyfriend is kind, loving, and everything my husband was not. What should I do?
I am not a lawyer but, considering you are still married, isn't what you're doing an act of adultery? I suggest you think about your current relationship carefully, and take a decision about whether or not staying married is possible. If there is no hope there, you can't move on until you legally end that relationship. It is also unfair to your husband, considering you want to have your cake and eat it too. If this isn't going to work, he deserves to know, so he can move on with his life too.

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