'She's half my age but says she wants to marry me'

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I am 44 and missed the right time to marry. I now get proposals from divorced women, which don't interest me. I did get a proposal from a 20-year-old girl, who says she is interested in me. I don't know if this is love or infatuation, although I like her. Should I accept her proposal? I am confused. - Paresh
If you waited 44 years, why not wait a while more and spend some time with this woman before deciding what to do next? If she's 20, I suppose she isn't in any hurry. Why jump the gun if you're not sure, considering you have the rest of your life to live with your decision? Wait until you have a better idea of how compatible the two of you are, and explain to her why this is important to you. Also, if your reasons for rejecting other proposals are simply that they come from divorced women, try and figure out why you have a problem with that.

I have been in an open relationship with my girlfriend for about two years now. The problem is, she told me she was still a virgin before meeting me, though it was difficult to prove at the time. I intend to marry her now, and someone informed me that he once had sex with her before me and will release nude photographs of her across social media. When I asked my girlfriend about this, she says she doesn't even know this person. I am totally confused. This is about our marriage. What can I do? - Egidius R
I don't understand. If it was an open relationship, how does it matter whether she had a physical relationship with someone before you or not? That's hypocrisy, isn't it? If someone is threatening to release potentially damaging photographs, irrespective of whether they are authentic or doctored, she can always approach the cyber cell at her police station and file a complaint. I suggest you think about how important she is in your life, and whether her past has any bearing on your future together, before you make any decision.

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