'I have a crush on a guy at work, but I'm his boss'

May 27, 2017, 06:18 IST | Dr Love

I have a huge crush on someone at work, but he reports to me and this could cause a number of serious issues at work. Should I still tell him how I feel?

If you know how awkward things can become at the office and still feel the need to tell him about your feelings, do it. At least you can get it out of your system. If it works, you may both find a way to deal with being in the same office. Do keep in mind that he may not feel the same way though, which could make things difficult for you both in the future. I suggest you wait for a while, until he moves to another team, or until you have a clearer idea of how he may react to your declaration.

My sister-in-law recently joined my business and I have been increasingly attracted to her. I constantly feel as if she is better than my wife. It's been a month since we joined, we work together all day and she has at least three more years to work with me. Neither of us can leave the business. What should I do? -Bhavik B

There's not much you can do, considering she isn't married to you and the person she is married to, presumably your brother, may not take too kindly to your advances. A lot of people think that other people are better than their partners, but that's just speculation. You can't tell if someone is better than your wife unless you marry that person too. In other words, what you say sounds ridiculous. This infatuation with your sister-in-law can do a lot of damage, not just to your business, but to your family as well. I suggest you put it all into perspective, behave like an adult and get on with your life. Spend more time with your wife, improve your relationship with her and focus on your future with her, instead of concentrating on someone else's wife.

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