London: Singer Drake did a Rihanna impression as he pulled double duty as host and musical guest on 'Saturday Night Live'.

Rihanna and Drake
Rihanna and Drake

The 29-year-old Canadian rapper took the opportunity during his opening monologue to respond to the fact that everything he does gets turned into a meme, reported Digital Spy.

During a hilarious song, Drake's rhymes were outstanding as he made references to basically every meme ever created about him, featuring the classic rhymes: "Trying to say you really care about me but then you put my picture on E.T.

"How can I explain to my mama when you've got my beard on Obama."

But he turned it up a notch for the climax when he impersonated Rihanna on stage and put on a wig for a twist on "Work".

"Drake ain't no meme, meme, meme, meme, meme. I swear we only friends, friends, friends, friends, friends," he sang.