Drake slams US President Donald Trump mid-performance

Feb 08, 2017, 07:31 IST | Agencies


Hotline Bling singer Drake didn't shy away from using the stage to vent his frustration against US President Donald Trump during his Boy Meets World tour in London.

On Sunday, he spent time touching on American politics in between his sets. "Everyday, I wake up and see all this bullsh-- going [on] in the world. People [are] trying to tear us apart, people [are] trying to make us turn against each other," he said.

"My proudest moment — take a look around at this room, you all [are] from all races and all places."

Referencing Trump, he added, "If you think one man can tear this world apart, you're out of your mind. It's on us to keep this sh** together. F*** that man."

During the show, Drake chimed in on his thoughts about a possible Young Money reunion show. "I just got off the phone with Nicki and she told me to tell you all, 'Hello,'" he said.

"We might have to do something special. We might have to do some Young Money reunion sh** out here this summer. I might have to bring all my friends from America, all my friends from Canada."


Oscar Prez opposes Trump
Taking a jab at US President Donald Trump’s recent orders of barring entry to residents of seven Muslim-dominated countries, Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs said that art is not limited to borders and does not belong to a single faith.

Cheryl Boone
Cheryl Boone

Speaking at the annual Oscar Nominees Luncheon, she said, “Art has no borders. Art has no language and doesn’t belong to a single faith... Just as our work does not stop at borders, borders cannot be allowed to stop any of us.” She shared that the Academy would work towards including artistes from across the globe.

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