Drama at Lucknow airport

Priyanka Chopra surprised Shah Rukh Khan by hopping on his chartered flight to Patna, which came as a rude shock to others who had to be offloaded

Patna had an unscheduled VIP visitor from Bollywood on Thursday. Priyanka Chopra arrived in the city unannounced, creating frenzy among the locals who were already revved up seeing Shah Rukh Khn and Farhan Akhtar.

"Patna is my city. My mother's family lives here. I just had to come," she said to the cheering crowds.
However this visit along with SRK and the filmmakers also created some high drama at the Lucknow airport.
Priyanka decided to hop on to the chartered flight ferrying the actor and the others, from Lucknow to Patna, at the last minute.

Says a source, "Priyanka was supposed to return to Mumbai from Lucknow for some important prior engagement. She, however, decided to cancel her appointments in Mumbai and hop on to the flight to Patna instead, leading to some confusion since the others who were to fly to Patna had to be offloaded.'

The actresses' spokesperson who returned from Lucknow to Mumbai said, "She just wanted very badly to go to Patna. She had been promising herself that she would do so for the longest time."

In Patna too, there was confusion. For reasons best known to him, Shah Rukh chose only to have the media and fan interaction at a city hotel.

He cancelled other meetings and left the city barely two hours after landing, with Farhan, Priyanka and Sidhwani running to keep pace with him. It led to a lot of frayed nerves, leaving behind some members of his entourage to clean up the confusion.

Said a spokesperson from his team, "If SRK had not left in a hurry, his chartered flight would not have been able to take off because of the fog. He had a special screening of the film (Don 2) lined up for Thursday evening and had to be back in Mumbai anyhow."

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