Dramatic Dreyfuss

Oct 28, 2013, 23:06 IST | The Centrestage Team

CS shares some trivia about this talented performer:

Richard Dreyfuss

>> Richard’s first film part was a small role in The Graduate. The actor’s name did not appear in the credits of the film.

>> In 1978, he won the Oscar for the Best Actor at the 50th Academy Awards for his act of a struggling actor in The Goodbye Girl. A 30-year-old Richard became the youngest actor to win the award. He held the record for 25 years.

>> He started using cocaine in 1978 and his addiction was at its peak in 1982 when he had a car accident. Richard checked into rehab and made a comeback in 1986 with the film, Down And Out In Beverley Hills.

>> He took a break from acting in 2004-2005 and used this time to conduct lectures at Oxford University.

>> During his career, Richard Dreyfuss was asked to star in two sequels of hit films that he had appeared in. He turned down both the roles. These were in Jaws 2 and American Graffiti.  

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