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Oct 17, 2011, 08:04 IST | Yolande D'Mello
Who says short people can't take a joke? Maheshwari Janarthanan is all about breaking stereotypes, and even named her company after a nickname friends had for her

Chennai-based artist Maheshwari Janarthanan is proud to be a dreamer. Since quitting her job two years ago,  her focus has been on doing things that make her happy. Her formula seems to work. An illustrator by profession, Janarthanan was coaxed by a friend to put her drawings up on Facebook. The response was staggering. That's when she decided to launch her own art-inspired range of postcards and home d �cor products.

Dream On Postcards Rs 200 for a set of five

Stuck for a name that would suit her style and the way she lived, Janarthanan settled on a nickname her friends used to tease her with. "I'm not that tall," says the founder of Little One's Doodles, in a low tone. What she lacks in height, the artist makes up in talent. But the 25-year-old didn't go looking for success.

This towel (Rs 550) is made from 100 per cent cotton fabric. Pre-washed,
each towel is hand screen-printed and sewn. In case you want to hang it
up, it has a loop made of fabric at the back for just that.

After studying visual communication at SRM Arts & Science College in Chennai, she worked a couple of full-time jobs with publishing companies. But the nine-to-five routine wasn't letting her dream free. So, Janarthanan set up her company in February of this year and now retails through stores in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.
Janarthanan also supplies products to online vendors who cater to foreign markets.

"I want to extend the range of products I work on. Cushion covers, place mats, scarves, tote bags, stationery..." Janarthanan is open to customising products for clients who drop her an email about some of their favourite things that could make their way into her designs. Using her fairytale style, Janarthanan will make the 'inspiration' come alive with vibrant colours and squiggly lines.

Four funny-looking women stare back at you from a blog that boasts of her quirky works of art. The common thread is a simple child-like appeal. Some women sport purple hair, wearing a wide-eyed expression that one imagines the artist didn't look too far to find. Even Janarthanan's coasters have personality, and the characters they carry stand somewhere between here and that faraway place that her mind wanders to, where human toes are a strange shade of purple.

Log on to: littleonesdoodles. blogspot.com.
Email: maheswarijanarthanan@gmail.com
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