Yesteryear villain Ranjeet's driver Nagraj Gowda was found dead in the swimming pool of the actor's bungalow at Juhu on Tuesday night.


Speaking to mid-day, Ranjeet said, “Nagraj had not been keeping well for some time now. Last night when my wife went to check his sugar level he was not in his room. We searched around the house but found him in the pool. We immediately pulled him out and took him to the hospital, but he was declared dead before admission."

Nagraj had been working with him for nearly 30 years and was like family. Ranjeet said, “His health complications had been troubling him for some time now. But we were taking care of him like family and he was undergoing treatment.”

Asked if he suspected it to be a case of suicide Ranjeet said, “I really don't know whether he fell into the water or jumped. We really don't how he slipped out of the room when his brother and son both were there.”

Nagraj's last rites will be performed at his hometown in Karnataka. Ranjeet said, “That is what his mother wishes. So we are making arrangements to send him.”