Auto drivers found an inebriated Jatashankar Yadav struggling to park his vehicle at the stand; handed him over to cops after he abused them

During MiD DAY's meter down campaign outside the Borivli station yesterday, the traffic constables were in for a surprise when a group of auto drivers dragged a drunken rickshaw driver and handed him over to the police.
The driver, Jatashankar Yadav, was struggling to park his vehicle at the rickshaw stand outside the station, when other drivers noticed him.

Drunk behind the wheel: An intoxicated Jatashankar Yadav was
booked under section 185 of the Motor Vehicle Act,after his medical
tests showed presence of alcohol in his blood. Pic/Rane Ashish

Eyewitness speaks
"Yadav was making sudden twists and turns in his attempt to park his rickshaw at the stand. We thought that he was not able to make a proper judgement and began giving him directions. He, however, got irritated and started fighting with us. That's when we noticed that he was drunk," said a driver at the spot. The rickshaw drivers then approached traffic constable Sandeep Tandel who was deployed nearby.

"When I tried to speak to Yadav, he appeared to be in an inebriated state. To confirm this, I took him to Bhagwati Hospital in Borivli for a medical check-up," said Tandel.

Yadav's medical tests confirmed the presence of alcohol in his blood. Yadav was then taken to Kasturba Marg police station and booked under section 185 (Driving by a drunk person or by a person under the influence of drugs) of Motor Vehicle Act.

"It's good we caught hold of Yadav. He could have endangered his life and that of the passenger whom he would have plied," said Tandel.