DTC to screen documentaries for drivers to check rash driving

The first film to be released in December will show the plight of the families of an accident victim and the driver responsible, who was jailed

With the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) hitting headlines almost everyday by virtue of the fatal accidents and rash driving incidents, the authorities have finally decided to do something about it.

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A top DTC official told MiD DAY that the corporation will soon make documentaries for drivers to educate and inform them. "The idea is to show how families suffer due to small mistakes of theirs," said the official. So far this year, DTC drivers have caused more than 200 accidents, killing 62 passengers and injuring 186 more. "The documentaries will be screened during special training programmes, organised frequently. It will be made mandatory for all," said the official.
It was being said that DTC buses were fast stepping into the shoes of rogue blueline buses, which were shunted out of the city roads as they had become infamous for causing accidents. Even Delhi government had recently shown its concern regarding the issue.

The official said, "Apart from the firm that will make the documentary, we are taking the help of psychiatrists to make the drive more effective. Depending upon the response to the film, we will make more such documentaries with the help of religious leaders and other prominent personalities to rein in the drivers," he said. The DTC official spokesperson confirmed the report.

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DTC has a fleet of around 6,500 buses, including 1,270 AC low-floor buses and 2,505 low-floor non-AC buses. The corporation ferries around 40 lakh passengers, making 40,000 trips per day to cover 10 lakh km.

The movie script
The first documentary, which will be ready by December, tells the story of a DTC driver who drove negligently and crushed a man under his bus. "He was jailed after the incident. The movie will show the sufferings of both the families -- the driver's and the victim's. It shows how they fight to survive from day to day after losing the bread-winners of the family. We hope it will help reining in the drivers," said the official.

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