Duh! Drunk driver runs truck over his own leg in Florida

A video grab of the incident

You would have heard of numerous instances of drunk drivers running over others. But, in a bizarre occurrence in Florida, an inebriated man fell off his truck, which ran over his leg.

According to a report in the The Huffington Post, the The Florida Highway Patrol has released a video of the same, taken on October 25 outside the Dancers Royale strip club in Orlando, Florida. The report added that the suspect William Edwards is seen leaving the club, and entering the truck. But, as he is driving away, he loses balance and falls out, after which the truck runs over his leg.

The report further claimed that the truck travelled across a highway, and crashed into a house. A woman was sleeping in her room when the truck came and crashed in. She survived with a few injuries, but her son was quoted as a saying, “If that ditch wasn’t there, my mom would be in a funeral right now, underground. They had to break the window to get in to turn off the car because the car was like smoking.”

Watch the Video

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