Dwayne Johnson's daughter impressed with his tattoo

Los Angeles: Actor Dwayne Johnson's five-month-old daughter is seemingly impressed with his tattoo.


A photo posted by therock (@therock) onMay 29, 2016 at 12:21pm PDT

The 44-year-old star took to Instagram to post a photograph of himself spending some time with his daughter Jasmine, who couldn't keep her eyes off his tattoo, reports

He said that when she grew up, he would tell her the story and the meaning of his tattoo during a "daddy/daughter chat".

In the image, Jasmine placed her hands on her father's tattoo. She appeared to be impressed with the ink work as she threw a deep gaze at it.

"After we feed her, Jasmine just loves looking at daddy's tattoos. I think it helps her digest?" Johnson captioned the image.

"I can't wait to explain to her what all this means and chat about her cultures (Samoan, Armenian, African American and Italian). And while these symbols may appear to be primitive, unsophisticated and crude -- they're extremely sacred, thousands of years old and very powerful," he wrote.

"My mana (strength). Ironically enough, the symbol she's fixated on is our ATUA (our God) protected by the small building blocks of my life and then by shark teeth," he continued.

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