For Safana Siddiqui, student of Lilavatibai Podar school, who scored 92% in ISC examination in the result declared last week has brought great happiness to the family. 

Safana who is dyslexic has found her way of studying effectively after her initial struggles at her school level. A medical aspirant now, she wants to tell all schools and teachers to not keep pointing at dyslexic children as slow learners.

"I used to face constant criticism of being a slow learner but I did not let it affect me. Thanks to my parents who have supported me and given me strength, I am now much comfortable with my ways," said Safana who never joined any tuition classes because studying under pressure is not her style.

"At school, two-three chapters would be taught simultaneously and I wasn't able to concentrate. I would study at home at my own pace and would clear doubts from teachers. My remedial teacher has been of great help for me to cope with curriculum," recalled Safana who loves to play tennis and swimming.

"People talk how I can't express myself but I know that when I have to, I do it well," said Safana who is a poet at heart and keeps penning down her thoughts regularly.

Her mother Irfana is very proud of Safana. "It has not been easy for her. I was not expecting her to score this high. She has really surprised us all."

"One important thing I want to tell all schools and teachers is to identify dyslexic children in school and make their parents aware of the situation. Collective efforts by school teachers and parents can help these children cope with regular curriculum. It is only at initial stages that they need help and soon you will see them doing their stuff on their own," added Irfana.