Every year, April 22 is celebrated as World Earth Day. And what is a better way to do that than marvel at the beauty of mother earth, and take a few lessons of conservation home. Keeping that in mind, environment lovers in the city have organised a birdwatching session at Pashan lake.

Pashan Lake is a favourite bird watching destination in Pune

The man-made lake hosts numerous wetland birds such as storks, ibis, kingfishers, cormorants, ducks, herons and tree birds like barbets, wagtails, great tits and many more, and is a hot favourite among photographers and bird watchers.

The walk around the lake is also a great learning experience for amateurs as there will be bird photographers, environmentalists and birdwatching experts to guide people about birds, says Shruti Karkhedkar, member, Western Routes, one of the organisations facilitating the birdwatching session.

“Pashan lake was restored recently, and we generally find a lot of bird watchers coming and seeing the birds here. The event is organised to encourage people to know more bout birds,” she says.

Karkhedkar adds that sessions like this help people to connect people with nature. “Once people start admiring the birds, they will take care of it and nurture it in a better way. Initially even I was not a bird lover but slowly I started watching birds and now, I’m a regular,” she adds.

On: April 22, 6.30 am to 8.30 am
At: Pashan lake, Pashan, Pune.
Entry: Free