New Delhi: The after effects of late night parties, girls' night-out or grilling office work not only includes puffy eyes and weary look, but it also makes your luscious locks go haywire.

Putting an end to your worries, celebrity hair stylist Asgar Saboo lists some easy tricks and hairstyles.

* Lightly teasing tousles

This hair style will look amazing if you have naturally wavy hair. Go to bed with your hair still lightly damp and add a touch of mousse throughout. After waking up run your fingers through the hair. Do not use a brush as it will ruin the ruffles. If the hair feels a bit flat - backcomb at the crown to give it the much needed lift and body. Tousle the ends with a soft brush and finish the look off by using good quality hairspray.

* Hide-it-all under head scarf

This hairstyle is ideal if you had a little too much fun and forgot to wash your hair. Use texturing spray to lightly dampen your hair. Divide it into six or eight sections and form tight plaits. Just a touch of serum will help to keep them soft. After waking up you will be left with some lovely intense waves. This hairstyle is meant to be a bit messed up - dry shampoo will help to ruffle it up and add some volume. To finish off, wrap a headscarf of your choice around the head and tie at the nape of the neck for a casual yet sexy look.

* Milkmaid braids

This is the great look to sleep in as it will look even better in the morning. Use drying spray to keep your hair from looking too flat or too sleek. Start with two braids on each side of your head and fasten with grips across each other on top of the head. All that’s left - waking up and looking fabulous!