Ekta's many avatars

Jeetendra’s daughter tells CS that she leads a very normal life:

Driven by nature
People think I’m ambitious but I don’t agree. I’m just driven. That doesn’t mean one has to become ruthless in the way they work with others. It means wanting to do your work with clinical precision. It means being sincere at your job. I like having sincere people around me.

The real Ekta
Everything is a perception. What you’re in front of your colleagues, you’re not in front of your closest friends or mum. What my mum knows about me, is very different from how others know me. Even I have the same joys and sorrows. I’m very normal.

Time management
There are times when I call up my friends at 11 in the night and ask them to meet me. That’s the only time I can meet them. But my ‘me-time’ is more important than my ‘friends-time’. I like taking time out for workouts and spirituality. 

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