In a bizarre incident, a 65-year-old woman was today injured when her leg got stuck in a commode toilet of Konkan Kanya Express.

The authorities detached the compartment the woman was travelling in and used a gas cutter to remove the toilet pipe to rescue her.

The incident occurred today between Khed and Chiplun railway stations. The victim Rubiyabi Sheikh was coming out of the lavatory of S-10 coach when she slipped and her leg got stuck in the commode toilet, a senior Konkan Railway official said.

After she raised alarm, her husband and other passengers rushed to her rescue but they could not do much, the official said.

"The train was stopped and primary efforts were made, including removing the door, to pull out her leg but all went in vein," the official said.

Following which the train was moved and after reaching Ratnagiri station, the coach was detached from it after accommodating the passengers in other bogies.

"The officials comprising engineers and others removed the pipe of the toilet by using a gas cutter and rescued the woman," the official added.

Rubiyabi, who developed a swelling on her leg, was admitted to civil hospital in Ratnagiri.