Anna Hazare Thursday appealed to people in the election-bound states to vote for candiates who promised they would, if elected, support the enactment of a Lokayukta bill on the lines of the one passed by the Uttarakhand assembly.

In his election message posted by his team on YouTube, the activist said he had not been able to travel to the five poll-bound states due to health reasons but his team will talk to people in these states and convey his message.

Hazare indirectly hit out at the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, saying it had no intention of bringing a strong Lokpal bill.

He said people should ask candidates to declare on an affidavit "if they were willing to bring a Lokayukta bill like that in Uttarakhand".

He said he was happy with the bill passed by Uttarakhand, which is among the states going to the polls and is ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He said people should not vote for corrupt candidates if they wanted to ensure "purity" of parliament and legislatures.

"Do not vote for the corrupt. Do not look at the party... Send those with clean, good thoughts," Hazare said.

Team Anna members said the activist will travel to the poll-bound states after he gets well. They said that a video of his message will be shown at public meetings.