New Delhi: A total of 6,711 government officials, who will be on election duty for the Lok Sabha polls in Delhi, have cast their votes through postal ballot, an election official said on Tuesday.

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A total of 5,013 police personnel and 1,698 civil officials cast their vote till Tuesday since on March 31, when postal ballotting began.

"The postal ballot are being issued to government officials who will be on election duty across Delhi. Once the votes are cast by them, they will be sent to the Election Commission," said Delhi Chief Nodal Officer Ankur Garg.

The last date for postal ballot for government officials is April 2.

"Special facilitation centres have been opened in each of the seven Lok Sabha constituencies in the national capital," Garg told IANS.

The officials can go to the centres in the parliamentary constituency in which they are registered as voters, and cast their vote.

"Concerted efforts have been taken this time to ensure maximum participation of those on election duty," Garg said.