New Delhi: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi stole the thunder at Baba Ramdev's "Yoga Mahotsav" at the Ramlila Maidan on Sunday as the latter's supporters were more keen on getting a glimpse of the Gujarat chief minister.

Baba Ramdev greets Gujarat Chief MInister Narendra Modi at the 'Yoga Mahotsav' in New Delhi on March 23, 2014.. Pic: AFP

The yoga guru had to start doing various asanas as the impatient gathering started moving out of the ground following Modi's two-and-a-half-hour late arrival. The public was getting restless and it showed as they were least interested in following Ramdev's yoga lessons.

There was further drama when people jumped barricades the moment Modi arrived.

A scuffle ensued with the police who somehow managed to keep the eager supporters away from the man of the moment Modi who even succeeded in drawing back those who had left the ground.