Elections 2014: Congress called Sonia Gandhi 'rajmata', says Narendra Modi

New Delhi: BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi sidestepped criticism of his referring to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi as "shehzada", saying the party used to refer to its president Sonia Gandhi as "rajmata" some years ago.

Sonia Gandhi
Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. File pic

Asked by ABP News TV channel as to why he continuously referred to Rahul Gandhi as "shehzada" or prince with a tinge of sarcasm, Modi said the word 'shehzada' was there in history.

"Around four-five years back, the Congress used to refer to Sonia Gandhi as 'rajmata'. And they continued using the word for a long time... So now, should I question the Congress for using these princely terms when those times are long over?" he said.

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