Elections 2014: Rahul Gandhi hits out at Modi, says Gujarat not shining for poor

Balasinor: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday lashed out at BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and said Gujarat was shining not for the poor but only for a handful of "rich industrialists".

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi addresses a rally in Thane. File pic

Addressing a rally here, Gandhi alleged that the Modi government had grabbed the land of poor farmers.

"Did anyone get a job? Thousands of acres of land were taken but there is no employment. The below poverty line (BPL) figure is pegged at Rs.11 in Gujarat but it is being publicised in other regions of the country that Gujarat is shining," he said.

Gandhi said children were malnourished but the Bharatiya Janata Party claimed that Gujarat is shining.

"Gujarat is indeed shining but only for 10-15 rich industrialists and corporate houses, not for the poor, the women and the youth here," he said.

Gandhi lashed out at Modi over his government's move to build a huge statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and said India's first home minister had spoken adversely about the ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

"BJP leaders spend most of their life with the RSS but never bother to know what Patelji had said about RSS," he said.

On Modi's slogan of Congress-free India, Gandhi said the BJP does not remember the leaders who had formed the Congress.

"It was Sardar Patel and Mahatma Gandhi who made the Congress party. The BJP wants to kill an ideology for which Gandhiji and Patelji had stood for throughout their lives and now they want to build a statue of Sardar Patel," he said.

Without naming Modi, Gandhi said there were leaders who believed they were the epitome of knowledge and make big claims.

"There are two types of leaders. One who think people are wise and you can learn from them, like Mahatma Gandhi. Then there is another kind of leader, whose best example is perhaps Hitler. Hitler thought there was no need to go to people and never realised their power. He always thought he was the epitome of knowledge. They just deliver big speeches, make huge claims and make tall promises," he said.

The Congress leader accused the BJP of dividing people for electoral gain.

He also criticised the Modi government on the issue of corruption, saying that some of its ministers were facing charges of graft.

"There was no Lokayukta in Gujarat till the Supreme Court intervened," he said.



  • Anurag Kunder12-Mar-2014

    If Modi really wants to understand the problems and needs of the people, then he should make some genuine efforts for this and should come out of Gujarat.. Till now, his campaign seems to be a fake and ineffective

  • Anurag Kunder12-Mar-2014

    Narendra Modi doesn't believe in democracy. Modi always work in his comfort zone and has never tried to stretch himself. Also, he might have a plan for Gujarat, but he has not presented any plans for the whole nation.

  • Tanushree Dey12-Mar-2014

    Congress is the preferred party of Indians. congress must expose the lies of modi regarding Gujarat. congress has made Gujarat industrialized by 1990.hardly any more industries have been added in Gujarat thereafter, except few car factories.

  • Itika Singh12-Mar-2014

    Modi, the person who tortured his wife, who could not value the relationship of a spouse, who never could came out with truth on his marriage to Jashodaben. The poor deserted lady who is a retired school teacher suffered all her life being a single woman. How can we all believe this selfish Modi who could not manage his own house hold can manage the whole country ?

  • Yash Pandey12-Mar-2014

    Congress has aimed to work for the development of this class and provided enough opportunities to them so that they can progress.It is true that congress has done a lot of things for poor people. Modi's govt has done nothing so far.

  • Ajay Katoch12-Mar-2014

    Congress' agenda and policies in these years has been really structured for the middle class and poor people. BJP has no policies for the poor. Modi should no know this.

  • Ajay Katoch12-Mar-2014

    UPA govt eradicated poverty to a large extent. On what basis Modi has been claiming in Gujarat ? People have shown immense faith in congress party,no doubt in the last few years our economy has improved under UPA govt' tenure.

  • Yash Pandey12-Mar-2014

    People know what UPA govt. has done in the last few years. Congress ensured growth and also introduced more and more new faces to represent people in the country. Modi failed to do work in Gujarat.

  • Farmaan Ahmed12-Mar-2014

    Modi shouts about the fake achievements of Gujarat. He has done nothing great there. Its good that Rahul Gandhi is showing the courage in revealing the true picture of the Modi-ruled state

  • Farmaan Ahmed12-Mar-2014

    Unemployment and poverty still exist in Gujarat and that too is evident, if one look at the facts. But Modi never presents the true facts and informations. He is faking all the developments of Gujarat

  • Ashupal12-Mar-2014

    Every one knows very well modi is not deserving at the any post in the India Politics.But still he is announcing in the rally . To Give me a chance of chowkidari of the whole Nation. but Rahul said that “India doesn't need a security guard, the people of this nation need their rights.”

  • Utpal Anand12-Mar-2014

    UPA programmes like MNREGA, Right to Information Bill, Right to Education Bill, and Food Security Bill are indeed revolutionary. They really have the potential to change this country in the long run, if rightly implemented. India will not shine if a few industrialists make money in the country and invest it in Britain and America. Neither will this country shine if we produce thousands of engineers and scientists, who then, take up jobs in foreign countries. Access to Food and Education for the

  • Abhishak12-Mar-2014

    I think, Rightly said by the Rahul Gandhi “Gujarat is shinning, but only for a handful of people. It is not shinning for the poor or the women.But Poor people and women is the power of the nation so we have to support them through provide all these thing which is required. All this happen when Congress party will win the coming election and Form the Govt. at the center.

  • kishor12-Mar-2014

    I think, Congress party is that party which helps through created jobs for the youth and bring in a rights regime that makes women’s position in society a bit more secure and central.But Modi never want that whatever has done by the Congress party for the Youth of the Nation. Modi want to boom the all industries not people of the nation.

  • Utkarsh Sharma12-Mar-2014

    Ever since independence, only congress has done work for the welfare of the country. UPA govt. helped poor to uplift their status and it become a part of shining India, Modi has a negative approach.

  • Utkarsh Sharma12-Mar-2014

    I genuinely feel that from here, Rahul Gandhi looks in supreme command and is ready for the responsibility. He very rightly attacked Modi. Modi always talked but did not take actions.

  • Shirish Kashyap12-Mar-2014

    Modi can do anything for gaining votes. But at the end of the day, only work speaks, and Modi has done nothing exceptional as far as the political work and working on social sector is concerned

  • Shirish Kashyap12-Mar-2014

    Modi only works for himself and not for the people. His intentions are not good and he is not deserving for the post of PM

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