Elizabeth Banks dislikes being hungover around children

Los Angeles: Actress Elizabeth Banks loves night outs and getting drunk, but doesn't want her children to see her with a hangover.

The "Walk of Shame" star admits she loved getting drunk when she was younger and living in New York, and that she still does the drunken walk home after a night out, reports

Asked if she has ever done a walk of shame in real life, she said: "Plenty. It's going to happen. And I get motion sickness, so instead of getting in a taxi, I'd do the walk of shame for real."

The 40-year-old doesn't let her children Felix, three, and Magnus, 18-months, whom she has with her husband Max Handleman, stop her from enjoying a night out once in a while, but she doesn't let herself get too bad.

"I don't think I have. Now that I have kids, it's a completely different kind. I have to accept they're going to see me when I've had a big night," she said.

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