Los Angeles: Popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres congratulated Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling as news that the couple is expecting their first child spread like wildfire.

Ellen DeGenres
Ellen DeGenres 

DeGenres took to Twitter to post: "Congrats to @RyanGosling and @EvaMendes! That's going to be the most beautiful, bilingual, part-superhero, well-dressed, romantic baby ever."

The tweet has already been re-tweeted over 5,000 times, reports dailymail.co.uk.

The 56-year-old has a great rapport with both Gosling and Mendes, who have been part of her show multiple times.

In February itself, Mendes, who is now seven months pregnant, caught up with DeGenres and laughed off reports she was with a child, following an alleged incident at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Mendes had then escaped a routine pre-flight security check, telling she would not be able to pass through the body scanner "because she's pregnant". She had later denied it.

But the cat is now out of the bag.