Email helpline for students after TASMAC closure

The TASMAC London, a Pune-based management institute, in a press statement yesterday stated that the University of Wales (UoW) in the UK had set up an email helpline to assist hundreds of students from the London institute which closed down suddenly last week.

Sameer Dua, the spokesperson of TASMAC Pune, stated that the University of Wales had been in regular communication with TASMAC London students and was in the process of facilitating the transfer of TASMAC London students to other London-based collaborative centres offering cognate University of Wales programmes, in line with UKBA requirements. Once the transfer of students is complete, they will be given the chance to complete their studies under normal academic conditions and graduate with a University of Wales award.

"As the United Kingdom Borders Agency has changed its visa regulations and this has impacted TASMAC badly, as a consequence TASMAC London is going into liquidation. The detailed discussions are underway to ensure disruption to students is kept to an absolute bare minimum," Dua said.
The institute offered BA (Honours) and a 16-month MBA programme.

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