Eman Ahmed effect: Obese siblings from Gujarat undergo blood tests at Saifee Hospital

The kids from Gujarat, who arrived in Mumbai are on special diets at Saifee Hospital to control the weight gain; bariatric surgery is not an option for them

Yogita, Harsh and Anisha are suffering from a rare genetic mutation.
Yogita, Harsh and Anisha are suffering from a rare genetic mutation.

The three obese siblings who arrived in Mumbai from Gujarat after their father read about Eman Ahmed, have undergone blood tests at Saifee Hospital. The kids first grabbed eyeballs when their father, a daily wage earner who makes Rs 150 per day, decided to sell his kidney to feed them, in 2015.

Seven-year-old Yogita Nandwani weighs 45 kg, her sister, five-year-old Anisha weighs 68 kgs, and their brother, three-year-old Harsh weighs 25 kg. The cause of their acute obesity is a mutation of the gene - leptin receptor protein (LEPR). As the children are suffering from this rare genetic mutation, bariatric surgery is not an option in this case. The only hope for them is an experimental drug called MC4R Agonist, which is available in the US. The children along with their family were called on May 4 to the hospital to collect their blood samples. Essential blood tests have been conducted on them under the supervision of Dr Muffazal Lakdawala.

A doctor who is well aware of the case said, "The hospital has collected the blood samples but we have to wait for 2-3 months to get the results. Considering the privacy of the patients, we can't disclose any other information." After two days in Mumbai, the kids headed back to Gujarat on May 6.

Talking to mid-day, Dr MM Prabhakar, Dean of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital that first treated them said, "The children are suffering from a rare genetic disorder. We had collaborated with a Cambridge and Vellore Hospital for their treatment. They were put on a special diet and also lost around 1,000 grams. But after discharge their family did not stay in touch."

Despite repeated attempts to contact him, Dr Lakdawala was unavailable for comment.

What they ate
At the hospital in Ahmedabad in 2015, the kids used to consume a kg of laddoos, 4 litres of milk, 10 rotis coated with desi ghee, and 3 litres of buttermilk every day.

Now with the special diet they are eating two rotis twice a day with vegetables.



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