Art lovers often face the dilemma of visiting galleries spaced across the city, especially when galleries are hosting a collection you are dying to feast your eyes on.

Engfruitcosmo by artist Baiju Parthan

While the recent India Art Festival ensured that aficionados got a chance to view artworks from across the country under a single roof, India's first online art fair -- the India Art Collective -- can be viewed from the comfort of your home or office itself.

Once you log in, you can browse through the online gallery free of cost; if you like a certain painting, you can purchase it online. The selection is vast as 40 galleries from across the country will be displaying over 800 works of contemporary art.

You can browse through the site based on the name of the artist / gallery and the genre of art. Make sure you have lots of spare time on your hands as we can vouch for its addictive effect.

We loved Engfruitcosmo by Baiju Parthan, A City Near Commonwealth Village by Pratul Dash, The Mother's Womb by NN Rimzon, Red Forest by Dayanita Singh and the Ramayana series by Jamini Roy.

Till: November 26, 7 pm
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