Emirates flight from Dubai to Phuket diverted to Mumbai airport

May 13, 2016, 09:07 IST | A Correspondent

On May 11, an Emirates flight EK-378 from Dubai to Phuket, Expected Time Of Arrival (ETA) 2.32 pm had been diverted to Mumbai Airport. This diversion had to be made due to technical issues in the aircraft -- Boeing 777-300ER (twin-jet). The aircraft had 138 passengers on board along with 16 crewmembers.

However, the airline on the same night adjusted all its passengers in another flights flying to the destination from Mumbai airport. However, in due course all its on duty crewmembers had consumed their maximum number of flying hours.

The 16 crewmembers hence did not fly, they were then accommodated in a hotel. After rectifying the technical problem of said aircraft, all the 16 crew (only Crew) could depart at Dubai Standard Time of Departure (STD) 3.30pm.

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