Los Angeles: Actress Julia Roberts is reportedly worried about her niece and actress Emma Roberts and feels she is too young to get married.

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts
Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts. Pic/Santa Banta

Emma recently announced her engagement to her "American Horror Story" co-star Evan Peters, but Julia feels she is just rushing into things, reports contactmusic.com.

"Emma is only 22, and Julia thinks she's making a big mistake by rushing into things with Evan. Julia is sure it will only lead to pain and heartbreak. She told Emma, 'You're too young to get married. You don't know what you're doing!'," a source told the National Enquirer magazine.

Julia, who married Daniel Moder in 2002, was close to getting hitched to Keifer Sutherland in 1991 when she was of Emma's age, but it was called off few days before it was to happen.

The "Pretty Woman", who was 23 at the time, later said: "Getting married at this time in my life would have been the biggest mistake ever."

Julia was also concerned about the incident that happened in 2013 when Emma was arrested after a fight with Evan in a Montreal hotel room. She called a family meeting, but Emma thought Julia was "overreacting".

"Emma thought Julia was overreacting then and she thinks she's overreacting now. Emma's convinced she's doing the right thing by accepting Evan's proposal and she feels Julia should just butt out," the source said.