The 22-year-old said she suffered a bit of a culture shock when she became a student at Brown University as she was asked out on a date within days, reported Daily Star. "English guys are very well put together.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson. Pic/Santa Banta

They dress really well and they are very well mannered, but they are also very restrained. Usually, in the whole courting situation, I'm used to being, first of all, ignored for the first two months of the ritual. "And then maybe they'll acknowledge my presence.

Then, they'll probably be a little mean to me. And then, maybe, well, you know, whatever. Then I arrive in America and I remember a few nights into Brown this guy just being like, 'I like you. You're great. Let's go on a date. Let's do it.' I'm like, 'I'm sorry, what just happened?' This is, like, a huge culture shock for me," she said.