Emraan Hashmi to shoot 'Raaz 4' at 'world's most haunted forest'

Emraan Hashmi to shoot a portion of his upcoming horror flick at ‘world’s most haunted forest’

The cast and crew of Raaz 4, currently shooting in Romania, are ready to put themselves on beta-blockers. For, they are headed to the Hoia Baciu Forest, labelled as the world’s most haunted woods notorious for UFO sightings, disembodied screams, and inexplicable burns left on those who enter. The idea to shoot at the spooky location came from lead actor Emraan Hashmi, we hear.

Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi. Pic/Datta kumbhar

A source says, “The makers want the film to be look as realistic as possible, and Emraan recently suggested to Vikram (Bhatt, director) that they must shoot at the haunted Hoia Baciu Forest. He had heard that it is also called the Bermuda Triangle of Romania and is associated with paranormal activity. The crew was not really kicked about the idea, but Emraan has managed to convince all of them.”

Emraan confirms the story and says, “I had heard about the place from some of my friends. They shared a lot of experiences and that is when I thought that we should shoot at Hoia Baciu forest.”

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