Emraan neck-to-neck with Salman?

After being tagged as a serial kisser since the beginning of his film career, The Dirty Picture consolidated Emraan Hashmi’s position among the A-list actors in Bollywood.

Emraan Hashmi

And now buzz is that the actor has been offered an endorsement deal by an automobile battery company at a whopping fee. Apparently, a rival brand pays the same amount to Salman Khan for endorsing their product.

Salman Khan

A source says, “Emraan is locking horns with Sallu. Today, just like Salman, Emraan too has a large fan base. The fee that Emraan will be getting for the ad is in crores of rupees. It’s the same amount that Salman charges for his ad.” The source adds, “With Emraan’s box office success, his brand value has also gone up.”



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