IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt was a trending topic for a while, following his arrest for allegedly threatening and forcing a constable to sign a false affidavit. This prompted writer Shobhaa De to ask: 'Where are Anna, Kiran, Prashant et al when Bhatt needs them the most? Matter of fact, where is the Ramlila Gang of Four? Khel khatam?' Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt jumped in too, with this: 'If there is one man who is fearlessly living the Gandhian creed in Gujarat, it is Sanjeev Bhatt. Will our courts protect this whistleblower?' And a perceptive comment from Amit Malviya: 'Just when the media found time for Manipur, something more urgent like the arrest of a discredited Sanjeev Bhatt comes up!'

His new role
Former actor Fardeen Khan also clogged timelines after police framed charges against him for buying one gram of cocaine in 2001. A certain Sandeep Kadian tweeted: 'Charges framed after 10 years; the fast pace at which our legal system works just blows my mind!' Janardhan R was worried: 'Why is Fardeen trending?' he asked. 'Don't tell me they are remaking [his 1998 film] Prem Aggan 2.'

For another chance
What would you do if you could do things over again? This question prompted a little soul-searching and yielded responses ranging from the common (I would choose the right friends and love the right boy) and boring (I would save more and spend less) to I would take back all those times I held my tongue because I was afraid to speak my heart, I would not have wasted my time on those who didnt deserve it and, interestingly, 'I would have hung on to my virginity a while longer.'

The last word
From actor Ashton Kutcher: 'I wish the news would just tell me what happened instead of what it thinks I should think about what happened.'

-- Lindsay Pereira is Editor, MiD DAY Online (twitter.com/lindsaypereira)