A couple from Plymouth, England has defied odds of 1 in 133,225 when their child was born on the same day as their birthdays

Stefaine Thomas and her husband Paul, both born on 6th September recently gave birth to their first child, a baby boy, who was also born on 6th September despite being due on 29th August.

"I wish we had known because we would have gone to the bookies and put a bet on!" the Daily Mail quoted Stefaine as saying.

The baby was born on what was Mrs Thomas's 26th birthday and her husband's 28th.

"It is the best birthday present ever.

"Lots of our friends joked about the baby being born on our birthday, but we didn't think it would actually happen," she added.

Maths expert Dr John Eales, of Plymouth University, said: "The chances of a couple and their first born child sharing the same birthday are very slimĀ -- approximately one in 133,225 or 0.0000075".