English FA chief call sex abuse scandal biggest crisis ever

Nov 30, 2016, 08:45 IST | AFP

Greg Clarke
Greg Clarke

London: The abuse scandal rocking English football is the greatest crisis Football Association chairman Greg Clarke can recall.

Clarke was referring to the serial child molester Barry Bennell, who has been accused by at least 20 footballers of abusing them when he worked with. The FA has also launched its own internal review.

The FA said it would find out "what information the FA was aware of at the relevant times that have been raised in the press, what clubs were aware of, and what action was taken".

Clarke said this was the most serious problem he could remember to have afflicted English football. "It's the biggest (crisis) I can remember," said Clarke. "I think the moral consequences of failing to deal with some of these issues in the past we must get to the bottom of."

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